giovedì 12 settembre 2013

Lincoln Durham at The Kessler Theater in Dallas

“We are very sorry to say that due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to cancel Lincoln’s UK tour. We arrived at the airport yesterday, airline documents in hand showing his equipment was within their own size and weight regulations for musical instruments, but in the end they chose to disregard that information completely and told us it would be $3600 to fly the gear, and would not accept one of the cases at all. We are beyond devastated that this has happened as we have flown internationally on the same airline with Lincoln’s gear in the past without any trouble. Unfortunately, we are hearing of more and more musicians having similar troubles when flying (especially internationally). In the end, even if we could have added another case to get them to at least accept everything he had, we simply could not afford it. Please know that we tried absolutely everything possible to try and make this work, and we truly appreciate your understanding. We have a long battle with the airline ahead of us. We would like to offer everyone who purchased an advance ticket for one of the canceled shows a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of Lincoln’s new album EXODUS OF THE DEEMED UNRIGHTEOUS before it is released on 22 October. Please send a picture/screen capture/email receipt for the tickets purchased to and stay tuned for instructions.”

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