martedì 22 gennaio 2008

Ritorna Otis Taylor

Recapturing the Banjo - A new ablum coming in February 2008
"Otis Taylor has joined up with Guy Davis, Corey Harris, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Keb' Mo', and Don Vappie. An amazing compilation of wonderful songs dedicated to the sounds of the banjo
Recapturing the Banjo - REVIEWS FOR NEW ALBUM
ìThereís a history lesson to be learned here, but Recapturing the Banjo doesnít aim to be a musicologistís wet dream-banjos (even in the hands of Bela Fleck) have never sounded this vibrant.î Harp
“The album shifts from impossibly haunting dirges to downright bouncy ditties without sounding like a thrown-together pastiche…The album, which is mostly originals with a few rearranged traditionals, is so strong in songwriting…it’s pretty stellar throughout, with fleshed-out stories of slaves, black cowboys and good-old alcohol. There’s enough of Taylor’s trademark one-chord trance playing to keep it all driving…” Relix
“Lyrically, Taylor speaks out against prejudice from both the black male and female as well as from the native Indian’s perspective. The exciting version of ‘Hey Joe’ does Hendrix proud here with Taylor and Youngblood Hart mixing the banjo, absolutely mesmerizing lap steel, and Taylor’s blistering electric guitar lead…This session features brilliant picking and high spirited energy throughout.” Elmore

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