sabato 11 dicembre 2010


Take reassurance in the glory of the moment and the forever promise of tomorrow.
Surely there is light beyond the darkness As there is dawn after the night.
-James Luther Dickinson
11.15.41- 08.15.09

I can hear the hills callin' out my name.
Goin up to Heaven for to stake my claim.
Call me by thunder, call me by whisperin' pine,
I have seen proof of God and I don't mind dyin'.
-Luther Dickinson from “Hear the Hills”

1. This A'Way 
2. Jumpercable Blues
3. The Meeting
4. How I Wish My Train Would Come
5. Hear The Hills
6. Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
7. Let It Roll
8. Ain't No Grave
9. Ol' Cannonball
10. New Orleans Walkin' Dead
11. Ain't None O' Mine
12. Jellyrollin' All Over Heaven

Keys To The Kingdom is a song cycle, a celebratory declaration of life in the face of death as well as a musical interpretation of the Dickinson family's recent experience with the cycle of life, written and recorded honestly, fast and raw. There are moments of rock 'n roll rebellion and sexified blues, but the heart of the record reflects the journey that traverses through the mirrored gates of life and death. "It's said that anger is the first stage of grief and that's how the album begins - angry," says Luther. As such, the first song, "This A'Way," kicks in with a boogied-up guitar line and quickly introduces the rallying cry of "I hate to be treated this a'way," soon to be followed by the clattering country punk of "Jumpercable Blues," with the screams of "Hey, hey, well, well, well, all y'all can go straight to hell!" It's them against the world, gathering their gumption and keeping one another strong. The family will stay together and it will grow and carry on with its traditions in tact. This is the battle.

Tra gli ospiti Mavis Staples, Ry Cooder, Spooner Oldham, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Gordie Johnson and Jack Ashford (Motown Funk Brother tambourine player)
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